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“Total Guitar Setup”

is the only setup guide you’ll ever need

for acoustic, electric and bass guitars


Are you frustrated with how your guitar plays?

Are you tired of extraneous fret buzz?

Is poor intonation ruining your delivery?

Total Guitar Setup 

Help is on the way!


Maybe you don’t need a new instrument, but an overhaul of your guitar’s setup.  Rather than spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a new rig, I can show you how to wring out the best sonic quality from what you already own in my step-by-step guide, Total Guitar Setup.


Uncle Randy here.  Since the mid-sixties, I’ve been playing guitar and bass professionally.  Because I could never afford a guitar tech to establish and maintain my treasured instruments, I was forced to learn the secrets of keeping my guitars in top playing condition, regardless of temperature, humidity or location.  You know what I’m talking about — those emergency situations on the road.


And now I’m going to share everything I’ve learned over the years with you in my new guide,

Total Guitar Setup


Yes, anyone with basic hand tools and minimal mechanical abilities can finally put their guitar or bass in the best playing condition and keep it there.  By following my steps, in order, you’ll find your guitar, whether it’s an acoustic, electric or bass, a real joy to play.


You’ll also find Total Guitar Setup to be an invaluable resource when purchasing a new guitar or bass.  You’ll feel confident by knowing exactly what to look for in a new instrument, and you’ll avoid buying a lemon.  Believe me, not all new guitars are setup properly (or even manufactured correctly) in the factory!


Here’s a brief run-down of what you’ll find covered in my 100+ page Total Guitar Setup guide:


  complete listing & description of the basic hand tools required

  how to check the neck for straightness

  how to adjust the truss rod and climate considerations

  how to adjust string height

  how to adjust your guitar’s intonation “sweet spot”

  how to adjust your whammy bar

  how to adjust your pickups

  tuning peg adjustments

  “string theory” — choosing the right type, re-stringing the right way

  picks — different types and finding your preference

  speakers and cabinets, mono and stereo setups

  cable and strap considerations

But that’s not all


When you purchase Total Guitar Setup, you’ll also have exclusive, private access to my “Total Guitar Setup Forum“, which I personally administrate.  You’ll be able to share your experiences and questions with other members, and I’ll chime in whenever the need arises in order to keep things on-track by offering continued, direct and personal guidance.

And that’s still not all


I even offer an open-registration, affiliate program for Total Guitar Setup.  So if you really can’t afford to pay the rock-bottom price (see details below), all you have to do is join as an affiliate and sell just 3 copies.   You’ll more than cover the cost of your own, personal copy, and pocket a few bucks too!


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